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Welcome to my academic journey pursuing a PhD in T&T!

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Welcome to join my academic journey!


학문 여정을 함께 해주셔서 감사합니다!

Yingzi Kong

PhD Student in T&T of UCF

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About me

Embarking on my PhD journey in the T&T program, I merge my background in engineering and translation studies with my passion for gaming narratives, computer-assisted translation and language education. My experience as a translator and game localization specialist fuels my research in game narratives, digital storytelling, game-based language pedagogy, computer-assisted translation and language learning.

Research Interests

  • Video Game Narratives and Digital Storytelling, Video Game Localization
  • Machine Translation, Computer-assisted Language Learning (CALL), and Game-based Learning
  • Hate Speech on Social Media

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  • Email: yingzi.kong@ucf.edu